Life- when the word is spoken, written it is just a four letter fast spoken word. Yet….the reality of it, the enormity of it, blows you away. Does one ever realize the intensity our life ahead holds for us when we commence our journey? It doesnt and isn’t that what makes life so mysterious yet a remarkable adventure? 


A quest for “Reality”

I have always wondered about ,”what is actually real?” People? Relationships? Are all that we think are real- actually real? These questions have been haunting me since a long time and at different instances I get to different answers…but never a steadfast one…  Never….       

When at times I am about to be convinced that what I see around me- the people , their friendship , the commitment , the concern, the promise to share and care are all real- I get jolted!!!  I am left behind feeling used, manipulated, confused..and  I realize all that I thought was genuine was not actually so….those were just my subconscious trying to give me a short span of comfort to console me. 

So what was actually real- my jolt back into the world of  unsureness  or the comfort zone my subconscious created??

I muse- “am I the only one who keeps seeking for these answers or are there likeminded seekers?” Does this happen to many or is it just me???